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Amazon Echo Dot speaker deal under £40

We know a lot of you are looking to pick up the very popular Amazon Echo Dot speaker, and want the best price for it online with several retailers offering it aside from Amazon direct.

Now it looks like we can offer you the best price for the speaker, as you can now pick it up for just £39 after using a special promo code at Tesco Direct.

Amazon has lowered the price of the Echo Dot to £44, but if you use the code “TDX-GHWP” at checkout, you can get an extra £5 off the price bring it down to £39 which is the best we have seen anywhere at the time of writing.


The Echo Dot is the speaker that gives you easy access to Alexa your voice-controlled assistant.

With it you can use your voice to play songs through services such as Spotify, check the weather or news at any time or even control the lights and heating in your home with supported apps.

Everyone is jumping on board with the Echo Dot craze right now and for £39, you might want to jump in as well.

If you want to secure your order right now, buy the Amazon Echo Dot for £39 now here with the code “TDX-GHWP” and let us know how you get on.



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