Clash of Clans Boat update: Download first at release time

By Alan Ng - May 15, 2017

The Clash of Clans Boat update has to be the biggest update ever for the game. All of the sneak peeks so far have received millions of views on YouTube and now we have details on how you can be the first to download the Boat update before everyone else.

Supercell has now announced that players can sign up to SMS alerts for the game. Specifically, if you sign up you can be alerted the second the boat update goes live meaning you can download straight away.

Given that many players won’t be aware of this, this could be your chance to try the update out before a large number of players so it is well worth giving it a go.


So far we are up to Day 3 of the Boat trip Captain’s Log teasers, with Day 4 coming at any minute so stay tuned for that.

Are you already signed up to Clash of Clans SMS alerts? Give other players a heads-up by telling your experience with it and if it really offers instant access to updates the minute they go live.

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