Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition dedicated servers

By Alan Ng - May 12, 2017

We are very pleased to report that Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is now available to download from the eShop! It looks fantastic on Nintendo’s new system and it even comes with the Super Mario Mash up pack which features a lot of content and themes that old school gamers will be happy with.

The price for the Switch Edition is $29.99 and the game supports four players locally and up to eight players online.

Straight away though, we can see that there is a big demand for dedicated servers for Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition.


While the Switch offers a major incentive by letting you play anywhere that you have your Switch, your friends still can’t play on your world all at the same time.

Would you like to see a Minecraft Realms system on the Nintendo Switch edition to solve this? If you have just bought the new version, let us know if you think dedicated servers would be the ultimate feature.

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  • Phoenix meow

    I would love to see a dedicated multi-console server.
    The idea would be that a dedicated server could consist of max 8 people on a paid server (most likely paid by all who go on the server) that is available to all or most editions of minecraft. It’s an awesome idea because then the console editions of minecraft would have a massive ego boost. I’m saying all this because whenever I think about getting pc or console minecraft the pc edition is the most masterful. If pc is really the only edition where minecraft is relly fun then why make console editions in the first place.

  • joe12133

    woot i can comment as a guest? +1 website. would love to see this feature. don’t really care about a 64 player world where we can all lag fest try to kill each other in massively empty buildings. maybe 24 max if people really want that could work depending on hardware’s capabilities.

    personally i want just worlds you can share with your friends to not have to be online for them to jump in, so you all can feel like your a part of the adventure, instead of waiting for the host to come on. then its his world you are helping with. cap the players at 6 or 8 if you have to, who cares. would be nice to come back to more diamonds in the chest just because a friend wanted to mine for us one day. please help!