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Samsung Chromebook Pro release date with Android apps

Everyone is waiting for Samsung to release the Chromebook Pro, but unfortunately we are hearing about a potential delay due to one highly anticipated feature of the device.

Many excited buyers were expecting the Chromebook Pro release date to happen in April, but for unannounced reasons it hasn’t happened yet.

Now we have learned that the delay could be due to Android apps for Chrome OS on the Chromebook Pro not being ready to make the Spring release.


This is a very significant factor in the purchase decision for many consumers and Google would probably want to launch Chrome OS apps alongside new hardware with the Chromebook Pro.

Samsung has now said that a Spring release is the plan but we still don’t have an exact release date or a confirmation that Android apps is the cause of the delay.

Let us know if you are waiting to buy this product. Is the Samsung Chromebook Pro top of your shopping list or do you still think that MacBook Pro is superior?



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