Nintendo Switch price warning with UK stock update

We have another Nintendo Switch UK stock update to bring you now, as we know that thousands of you have been left frustrated in recent months and asking when the Nintendo Switch will be back in stock at the likes of Argos, Amazon and Tesco.

Unfortunately, it is not necessarily good news though. All of the retailers listed above are still out of stock but even worse is that we still see third-party sellers on Amazon trying to take advantage of consumers by hiking prices well above the official £279.99 price point in the UK.

Just take a look at the current situation on Amazon UK at the moment below, showing that if you want to buy the Nintendo Switch right now you will have to pay over £300 for one and in some cases up to £600 which is somewhat outrageous.


When is Nintendo Switch stock available in the UK? Argos are currently stating no stock with no date mentioned on when units will be available.

Tesco are now saying that stock will be available for delivery on June 2, which you can now pre-order to reserve a console.

We also want to tell you that the official Nintendo Store in the UK states that stock will be estimated to arrive at the end of May, so you may want to order here instead in case of delivery earlier than Tesco.


Be warned not to pay over the odds for the Nintendo Switch as stock is going to be back in sight very soon you just need to keep an eye out on updates.

Have you had problems getting stock for the Nintendo Switch in the UK? Let us know below if we can help!



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