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Clash of Clans Boat update release date excitement

We have just had a massive shock with the release of a new Clash of Clans update teaser that confirms that the highly anticipated Clash of Clans boat update release date is coming soon!

Developers have just released an amazing new cinematic for players to enjoy and you can see it below.

It teases the question “How do we get over there”, with a huge boat confirming that players will soon be able to explore other regions in the game which could have massive possiblities now in terms of new content and giving CoC a new lease of life.

There’s no exact date on when the Clash of Clans boat update is out on iOS and Android, but with this teaser out we have a feeling that it will be towards the end of May after a round of sneak peeks.

Are you hyped for this update or not? Give us your best ideas below on how a boat update could and should work in CoC!



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