Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest Guide

By Alan Ng - Apr 28, 2017

A new mode has arrived in Marvel Future Fight and it is called Alliance Conquest. It will give players the chance to win some nice rewards, but the developers have not exactly done a good job explaining how Alliance Conquest works in Future Fight and what the best teams to use for it are.

For those that are very confused and need some help with Alliance Conquest, here are the official rules on how to play Alliance Conquest which is taken from the in-game help menus:



With that said, you then need to wait until the cool downs are finished as that is when you can start attacking positions. You don’t want to put all of your best heroes in at once as you will need them for other areas of the map – make sure you note the amount of stars by a region as that determines the difficulty when claiming a region.

Also it’s important to remember that whatever team you attack with, will become a defense team in the next round so once again don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.

Once you have dominated an area with your alliance, you will end up with something that looks like this and you just have to wait until the next timer expires to do it all again.


Alliance leaders have the ability to set buffs for their team at the cost of Alliance Points as you can see in the image at the bottom left hand side.

The game will only reward you once have acquired a ranking and to get this you need to wait until all battle periods have finished.

Netmarble was not clear enough in explaining this mode to player, so leave any questions you have below and we’ll try to help you.

What do you think so far of Conquest mode in Future Fight – a great way for lower ranked Alliances to experience an Alliance Tournament style mode?

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  • Jerry River

    How if my alliance won’t join alliance conquest? We will leave for few weeks. How to make my alliance not registered?
    Please answer this

  • Mark Simpson-Black

    How do we refresh defeated heroes? Every time I try the button is grayed out. Assume there’s a specific time to do it, but don’t know when.

    • jeremy yap

      usually its during prep phase and you have to do refresh it with alliance tokens. Don’t be mistaken with alliance mementos and alliance tokens.

    • NgTurbo

      Yes, costs 20 tokens to revive a fallen character and you can only do it in the prep phase as mentioned below! It is worth reviving characters such as Dr Strange and Odin!

  • jess

    some of my alliance members get this message when trying the conquest mode ” this character cannot be used for conquesting this region ” can someone please explain why they get this message ?

    • Mich G

      All of my characters say this. I’d like to know why as well.

      • NgTurbo

        Probably because they are being used elsewhere, or may be on defense or standby