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How to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life easily

If you are looking for some easy tips on how to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life, we have some useful information which should help you out.

The battery life on the S8 is already extremely good and we have been seeing some very good feedback from users who are stunned at just how long the S8 can stay alive after prolonged data use compared to the S7.

Having said that, there are always some useful tips and tricks to squeeze more life out of your phone and the S8 is no different.


These involve standard methods such as turning off location services as well as Bluetooth which linger in the background but some clever tips too, such as holding your finger button down on carrier apps such as AT&T services which you can disable manually to give yourself some extra battery life.

Have a go of the examples we mentioned above, but check out the great video below for the full list of tricks to make battery life better on the Galaxy S8.

Do you have your own tip to share with other readers? Let us know below!



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