Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 closed beta key giveaway

By Alan Ng - Apr 24, 2017

For the Marvel lovers out there, we have a special treat for you this week with the chance to win yourself a Marvel Heroes Omega closed beta key on PS4.

This key will get you access into the EU beta which is ongoing for a month and lets you test the game before everyone else and enjoy a massive roster of characters which are all unlocked for the beta.

The beta is live in both the EU and US but the codes that we have for you thanks to Gazillion will work on EU regions only and we can confirm that they are region locked so you won’t be able to use them on the US store.


A few important notes to remember about the beta: Progress will be wiped in terms of items acquired and levels gained, but any founders packs that you buy from the PSN store will obviously be yours to keep for when the full release goes live.

Any Gs purchased and spent during the beta will also be returned to you when the full game launches so you don’t have to worry about anything going missing – you can see from our example below that the 950g to buy Gambit’s classic uniform will be refunded in due course.


This closed beta key will also gain you early access into the Marvel Heroes Omega open beta, to which progress will carry over to the full game so you really want to win one of these keys!

How to get a Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 beta key: We have a few keys to giveaway so to win one, just leave a comment below telling us which is your favorite Marvel super hero or villain and what you love about Marvel Heroes Omega!

Leave a spare email in your comment so we can send a code to if you win, good luck everyone!

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  • Stalkers RIVAL Yt

    Def gambit hes my fave and

  • Mads Andrè Larsen

    The Hulk is so cool! would play him for months!

  • Ryan

    Spider man the best thing abt omega is that marvel has a mmo just not a fan of dc

  • Scott Mclean

    Deadpool – always enjoyed his humour.

  • allardice

    Hulk all the way! Loved watching the hulk series when i was a kid with Lou ferrigno that guy was awesome! That dude got me hitting the gym like a madman 😀

  • Carlos Filipe Nobre

    Punisher. Was the first hero I bought when I started playing Marvel Heroes at launch

  • Tobal76

    Love him since i was 6: super agility, strenght and super use of irony 🙂

  • Mario García Hervás

    My favourite character is psylocke. I love her combat style 🙂

  • Cyr Michaël

    Colossus is one hell of a tank and my favorite send the key to

  • Aaron McPhearson

    My favorite in-game Marvel character has to be, by far, Beast. He’s highly intelligent, ferocious, agile, and savagely strong. My favorite thing about the game though is the amount commitment to the comics like all of the lore, costumes, characters, and locations. Email:

    • NgTurbo

      check your email Arron!

      • Aaron McPhearson

        Thank you!! Just now seeing this after getting the e-mail way back then.

  • Ian Moore

    Been playing the PC version for years and love it. Love playing as Hawkeye but riding around on a wave of squirrels is a blast.

  • David Ervin

    I would love to win a chance at the beta! My favorite has always been Mr. Benjamin J. Grimm aka the Thing. He is the epitome of the gentle giant (unless you’re the hulk).

  • Wheelman Thomas

    Would love a code. I’ve spend hundreds on the PC and would like to support PS4 if I can try it first. Thx!

    • NgTurbo

      Check your email Thomas, we hope you enjoy the beta!

  • Triston Trevon Patten

    Jean Grey is everything. I love the Phoenix Force and what it represents.

  • Richard Chico

    Favorite is She Hulk! took forever for her to get on PC but so glad she is available at launch for PS4

  • Daniel Marino

    Well, I’ve been playing the PC version for a couple of years and I just love superhero games. My favourite hero would definetely be a tie between Emma Frost and Jean Grey.
    hope I’m in time to get a code.

  • Michel Camacho

    love this game on pc but I played ps4 now. Love Deadpool that unicorn *jumping* chimichangas eating crazy loving guys. love its on ps4, cant play on pc no more and it ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS! email is

  • Thomas Daniel

    my favorite char’s are Cyclops and Susan Storm i’ve played this game on pc and loved it but i no longer own a gaming pc just a labtop that’s slow. my email is

  • Lisbeth

    I really want to win.

  • Insane Freeman

    i really hope i win a code…

  • NgTurbo

    Hi guys, we will be announcing winners very soon so keep an eye out here to find out if you’ve won a code. Can everyone participating edit comments with their EU country so we know that your country is included in the beta. Thanks!

  • just_me

    I hope I’m gonna get a key

  • LionReborn

    I love Nightcrawler because his design was pretty unique and his fighting abilities are pretty cool too. Marvel Heroes Omega reminds me of the old X Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games back in the day, a fun action rpg beat em up with friends!

    • NgTurbo

      Check your inbox Lion!

  • Chad

    Wolverine is my favorite Marvel mutant for sure. What I like about Marvel Heroes Omega is all of the characters play distinctly from one another so they’re not just reskins of your typical RPG archetypes.

  • Jack Lang

    I love deadpool because he has guns and he has a katana

  • ss6mcnally

    love rocket racoon he has big guns and his bud groot

  • Killbill22

    My favorite has to be the MAN Wolverine because hes a straight up beast his abilities he possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability and three retractable claws in each hand ripping through anything:

  • Artur Gustavo

    My favorite is Iron Man and what i love most is the variety of playstyles i can choose from.

  • Stewart Russell

    Dark Phoenix is my favourite. Shows how a character can be good and then bad. Also having an awesome ability. The character around Jean grey was so indepth

  • Tyreek Robinson

    My favorite character is black panther. Always liked his diversity, especially given the year he was created. Email is:

  • Ze Rufua

    Deadpool Duh!!! Chimichangas FTW !! As for Marvel Heroes Omega the ability to dish out some over the top “Justice” and do it ad infinitum.

  • John

    Moonknight and Captain America are my favourite Marvel characters this not my PS4 email

  • Richard J. Trealout

    e-mail: 519.anoFavourite: Wolverine. He’s savage.
    What I Like: I’ve Been Told That It’s Much More Stable Than The PC Version. I’m In High Anticipation To Find Out For Myself. Fun

  • Preston Richards

    My favourite hero ia Wolverine because he is badass and my brother uses to have Gym classes with Hugh Jackman so I would play for it


  • Ben

    Genis Vell’s Captain Marvel – all time favourite costume/character design and some great storylines.

    Never got into Marvel Heroes before as don’t game on my PC but it looked excellent, so really looking forward to this on PS4.

  • Lisbeth

    My favourite heroes is Winter Soldier and Gambit.

    Marvel Heroes Omega looks really great. So many new mechanics and new ways to play as your favorite characters.

    My email:

  • Tiago Teixeira

    My favourite character is Spider-Man because of the hardships he has to go through the day and still manages to put on the suit and go fight evil. Sometimes, he even sacrifices his daily life in sake of justice.
    And that’s what I’m going to play in marvel heroes omega which looks really cool because it reminds me of x-men legends 2, an amazing game lost in time.

    • NgTurbo

      Tiago, you have won a beta code!! Please check your email and spam and let us know if it works for you. Enjoy!

  • Leo Vik

    Colossus is my favorite character because I see myself in him, this because to deal with my daily life having a tough exterior can help avoid the harshness of the world around while being a good and kind person on the inside.

    My email is