Halo Wars Definitive Edition Steam vs Windows 10 servers

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2017

In a matter of days, you will soon be able to buy Halo Wars Definitive Edition on Steam, but also Windows 10.

The benefit of buying on Windows 10 is that you can get an Xbox One version for free thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere.

However the downside is that it has already been confirmed that Windows 10 players cannot play on the servers for the Steam version of Halo Wars Definitive.


This is going to be sad news for those thinking of buying the Windows 10 version if they are a PC gamer primarily, but perhaps an important heads-up that if you want busy servers at all times – get the Steam version as you may find it better for you.

The Definitive version comes with all of the game’s add ons for Halo Wars, along with Steam achievements as well.

The game is available for Windows 10 and Steam on April 20, let us know if the server restrictions between the two games is a problem for you.

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  • Bronnon

    I’m sad to hear this. I preorder Halo Wars 2 on the Microsoft store so I got definitive edition and when I heard it came out on steam I was very happy because nobody plays the definitive edition and I thought “Now I can play with all my friends” but of course that’ll be a big no. What a joke. Guess I’ll be wasting another $20 because only the steam servers are going to have anybody playing the game. Sad news indeed.

  • PrideLand

    They should have hosted the Steam games on Azure with the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions so it would not matter. Obviously if the game was purchased on Windows 10/Xbox One Steam would not allow use of the Steam servers for those installs.