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Pokemon Go shiny Togepi, Exeggcute location missing

The Pokemon Go Easter Event is still on, but we can see that many players are wondering if there are new Shiny Pokemon to find during the Easter 2017 event.

During the event which lasts until April 20, Niantic announced that players would be able to get their hands on Lucky Eggs with 50% off in the shop, as well as double XP and more candy for egg hatches.

We know that a lot of you are asking if shiny Togepi or shiny Exeggcute’s location in Pokemon is live with this Easter event but sadly it doesn’t look like Niantic has put them inside the game.


This is somewhat strange since the last two events have given players special Pokemon such as Ditto and more recently shiny Magikarp which could be evolved into a shiny Red Gyrados.

We can only assume that Niantic didn’t have time to get the spawn system prepared for new shinies during this Easter event, but hopefully they will be ready for when the next Pokemon Go event arrives in May 2017.

Are you disappointed that new Shiny Pokemon did not arrive with the Easter event? Let us know which Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go you are waiting to see the most!



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