Xbox Self-Service Refunds Vs Sony PS4 pressure

There has been a massive change in policy by Microsoft and it is going to have a very positive outcome for all Xbox One owners.

It has been confirmed that in the coming weeks, there is going to be a new Xbox Self-Service Refund system in place.

It will allow users to claim a refund themselves online if they are not happy with a game. The only requirements are that you do it within 14 days and that you have played less than two hours of this game.


That is it, no catch whatsoever and you can enjoy a hassle free refund which you can apply for yourself online.

It could turn out to be a masterstroke by Microsoft and we can already see that gamers are reacting to this very well on social media boards.

Thanks to Neogaf, you can see the full terms and conditions below and it is very straight forward.


At the moment, Sony does not offer this kind of reassurance to PS4 owners and it has been a cause of concern in the past for those seeking refunds for games such as No Man’s Sky which didn’t live up to pre-launch expectations.

What is your reaction to this and are Sony now under pressure to deliver a similar refund system on the PlayStation Store?



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