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Snow app problems with dark pictures

Snow is the popular photo app that is used by millions of people in Asia, but is now starting to become popular in the US and Europe as well.

Many users call it the Asian version of Snapchat, while some even say that Snow is better than Snapchat and offers a lot more variety and quirky features to make photos stand out compared to Snapchat.

However, we do see that following on from a Snow app update on April 12, many users have been complaining that the update did more harm than good and that their pictures are too dark now compared to the previous version.


You can see evidence of this over on the Snow app review page at Google Play. Above is just an example, but there are many other complaints about dark pictures and requests to change it back in the next Snow app update.

Are you using Snow and notice the same thing after installing the new update? If so, leave a comment on how the developers can improve in time for the next update.



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