WWE 2K17 Jeff Hardy custom update without DLC

If you loved the 2017 return of the Hardy Boyz at Wrestlemania, you are probably wondering if there will be a WWE 2K17 update for the Matt and Jeff Hardy from 2K.

We are here to tell you though that you don’t have to wait if you have the PC version. Thanks to some amazing custom designs, we can already show you what is possible in the game with thanks to Twitter user Rhuanico99.


As you can see above, the results are amazing and hopefully it is an indication of what to expect if 2K release an official update with the Hardy Boyz WWE 2K17 DLC.

Pay attention to the work done on the face and also Jeff’s hair dye which you have to say is very close to his real life likeness.


This is exactly why fans were so excited for the PC release when you can come up with custom files such as this.

Are you waiting to see the new Hardy Boyz in WWE 2K17? Let us know your thoughts below!



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