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Pokemon Go Easter Event 2017 for new Shiny Pokemon

We are days away from the Pokemon Go Easter Event for 2017 with players very excited to see what Niantic is going to add for this years event.

More specifically, what new Shiny Pokemon are going to be added in the game for the Easter 2017 event.

Right now we only have shiny Magikarp and shiny Red Gyrados in the game, but it is a certainty that more are coming – it is just a question of how many will Niantic add for the easter event.


There are black silhouettes in the game now, which confirms that Niantic are preparing to add some new content to the game in time for easter.

Potential Pokemon Go Easter Event 2017 leaks: According to rumors, double Stardust, double XP and increased spawn rates for certain pokemon are coming.

Special Easter features: More Shiny Pokemon spawns, Half distance requirements for egg hatching.

We will have to wait and see which of the above rumors are correct, but it is going to be a massive unmissable event for all Pokemon Go players that is guaranteed.

Are you excited? Leave a comment below simply with the name of the Pokemon that you want to see shiny!



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