Amazon Echo turns on Ford car engine, orders Starbucks

If you needed a little indication on just how impressive the Amazon Echo speaker is, we have something rather brilliant to show you now – especially exciting if you happen to love Ford motorcars.

Ford has teamed up with both Amazon and Starbucks to offer some innovative features in some of the company’s new auto models.

These features will include being able to use Alexa through the Amazon Echo speaker to turn on your Ford car engine from a remote location.


You’ll also be able to find your nearest Starbucks, order a coffee in-car and then pick it up at a drive thru all seamlessly using Alexa.

It is impressive stuff and you can see an example of it in the video clip that we have picked out for you here and also below.

You’ll also be able to add items to your Amazon shopping cart if needed and proceed to ask Alexa any general information as you would in the living room.

Some may question if this will all distract from keeping an eye on the road at all times, but having the option to turn on your engine at least is a very cool feature that all Alexa users will be interested in.

Do you drive a Ford at the moment and would love to upgrade to these features?

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