Project Scorpio specs vs PS4 Pro winner debate

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Project Scorpio specs list and they are worth waiting for. Xbox gamers are going to be very excited indeed now as the Project Scorpio specs vs PS4 Pro could mean a significant advantage over Sony’s console in terms of processing power and graphics potential.

The big reveal comes courtesy of Digital Foundry, who were invited over to Xbox HQ for an exclusive look at Project Scorpio and more importantly, what the system is built on.

We have included the video in full below for those that want to watch the whole thing, but the key Project Scorpio Vs PS4 Pro specs comparison summary can be seen below.


As you can see, Project Scorpio is going to have a faster CPU than the PS4 Pro, better GPU, significantly more memory with 12GB GDDR5 vs 8GB on the PS4 and perhaps the most exciting of all – 6 teraflops of GPU!

Remember that the PS4 Pro supports 4.2 teraflops so this may be seen as a massive victory on paper for Microsoft.

On the other hand, some may argue that PS4 has a lot of exclusives at the moment compared to Xbox and if Microsoft cannot get back on track with levelling the playing field – what good is a more powerful system?

Regardless of that, this is hugely impressive stuff my Microsoft. Are you convinced now that the future is Project Scorpio? Let us know who you think the winner is and leave your thoughts in our discussion section below!



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