Warframe PS4, PC update notes for March 28

For those of you who are just signing back into Warframe and wondered what the new Warframe update does on PS4 and PC on March 28, allow us to give you a quick heads-up with the changes.

Both the PC and PS4 versions have been given quick hotfixes from the developers, which you may have seen a notification of in-game when preparing to play.

For those on PS4, here is the Warframe PS4 update notes as of March 28:


Obviously there is not a lot changed, but those fixes for Dex Syandana should make a lot of you happy.

For PC, it is a much bigger update. This is Warframe PC update 20.0.5 for Octavia’s Anthem and here are the patch notes in full for you to read through.


If you have just seen a notification to update your game, take a look at the changes on both versions and let us know what you think.

Are you happy with the fixes, or is there something that still needs attention for the next major patch?



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