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iPhone 7 (Product) Red with Black Display DIY

Many of you will know that Apple recently released a (Product) Red iPhone 7 onto Apple Stores across the world. Now we show you a great little guide on how to get a iPhone 7 (Product) Red with a black display instead of a white one.

It’s no secret that users have been wondering why Apple decided to give the Red iPhone 7 a white front plate, arguing that the Red and White combo doesn’t look as good as a Red and Black combo.

For those willing to spend a little extra money though, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can take matters into your own hands.


A video from Danny Winget on YouTube below shows you the exact process needed. It involves quite a lot of work involved, including taking another iPhone with a black display apart just to use it as fodder for your new (Product) Red one.

That means you essentially need two iPhones to make this possible – if you simply try and put a Black case onto your Red phone you won’t be able to use Touch ID!

Check out the very cool video below and let us know if you have a spare iPhone 7 hanging around and can attempt this DIY trick.

Do you agree that Black and Red look a lot better than with a White display which Apple officially offers?

To buy the (Product) Red iPhone 7 now, stock is available on the Apple Store here.



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