FIFA 17 March PL Player of the Month SBC investments

We have just days to go until EA announces the FIFA 17 March PL Player of the Month winner. This is going to be in conjunction with the real life Preimer League award for March 2017 and the main attraction for gamers is an ultra-rare untradeable SBC card which the winner will get.

For those that still need a heads-up on the FIFA 17 March 2017 PL Player of the Month shortlist, the players that can win are Lukaku, Wijnaldum, Borac, Redmond, King and Sakho.


You can see all of the contenders above and the reason why they have been considered by the Premier League.

As a bonus teat, we have an excellent video below which takes a look at the FIFA 17 PL Player of the Month March investments that you may need to make on the transfer market for the potential winner.

EA will release the new SBC but there will be some tough requirements that you need to meet and it is always a good idea to start planning in advance before the prices jump significantly on the market.

How to vote for March PL Player of the Month? Click here and you can simply choose the player, the manager and also your favourite goal. Which player will win for March?



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