Three Wuntu app rewards time on Thursday

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2017

It is Wuntu Thursday again and we just wanted to give you a heads-up on what time the Three Wuntu app rewards go live on Thursday.

The Wuntu app offers for Thursday March 23 have just gone live and the main offer was free Cinema tickets at Vue.

We can tell you that the release time of the offers was around 10.35am, so if you missed the deals this time around make sure you are checking at the same time next week for a chance to win.


It also helps if you turn the Wuntu notifications on as you will get an alert the minute the rewards are available.

We know that this app is not without problems and we can see from our own experience that the Wuntu app crashes constantly when you try to redeem a code.


You may also see the following image which says that you have already used a code, when in reality you never even had the chance because the app crashed on the use screen.

Is Wuntu worth it and better than O2 Priority or a terrible experience that should be improved as soon as possible?

Let us know what rewards you were able to redeem this week.

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  • Mike

    useless app, keeps crashing after they send out notifications. once you do get in, rewards are gone. Stupid!