Xbox Live down March 21 with sign-in broken

For those who are wondering why Xbox Live is down on March 21, we can confirm that there is currently a massive outage regarding Hotmail / Outage servers.

This is not the first time it has happened sadly and since Microsoft uses the same servers for all core services, it means that whenever the service is down – Xbox users will be affected.

You can see confirmation of the immediate service alert over at the Xbox Live status page which shows that Xbox One and Xbox 360 Live sign in is down right now.


The Xbox Support team are obviously aware of the situation, but as we saw last time the longer the Hotmail, Outlook outage is in effect you won’t be able to get into Xbox services either.

This is incredibly frustrating as you can imagine, when gamers are just coming home from work or school and find that they can’t play the games that they have paid for.

Is Xbox Live still down for you in your area? Let us know if you are having problems!



Hotmail login down March 21 with Live 503 error

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