Wuntu app reward problems on Three UK

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2017

We know that the O2 Priority and also EE apps are proving to be very popular. How does the Wuntu app rewards from Three UK stack up though in comparison?

Straight away, we can see that there appears to be a lot of problems with Wuntu app rewards on iOS and Android.

This is firstly due to the app suffering from technical problems, with many of the Wuntu app user reviews so far complaining that the app crashes a lot and requires reinstalling every Thursday to see the new rewards each week as that’s the day they come out.


The other problem that users have is that the rewards are on a first come first serve basis. We have seen rewards such as free boxes of sweets, free cards, free pizza codes and even free cinema tickets handed out.

However they are always of a limited quantity and completely gone within a few minutes of going live. After that, you have to wait another week for another slim chance of being one of the select few out of the whole country of Three Wuntu users.

What is your experience of Wuntu compared to O2 Priority and do you think Three has done a good job in setting up a unique rewards system or not?

More importantly, is there a reason why Wuntu has such a low review rating on the App Store and Google Play?

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  • Dylan Roberts

    I know this is an old article. but having major issues with Wuntu. Their free cinema tickets offer. The codes didn’t work. I got a second code and was told i could only redeem it at the cinema. still didn’t;t work. so paid for two films I didn’t expect to. And all they said was more free codes would be available in 24 hours. their customer service told me to contact three and cineworld both said it was only wuntu. What’s worse you can only contact via the live chat app. not helpful

    • afrobabe

      At least you got codes! I didn’t get any codes to redeem I just waited till I reached the cinema to tap the app to generate the code and like you ended up paying (over 11 quid for a movie I fortunately did want to see plus ice cream). I just had that stupid “been there done that” you’ve already used this offer’ message each time on the wuntu app despite refreshing, signing out uninstalling, reinstalling and signing back in over several days. I contacted the customer service by chat app it was diabolical all they did was offer me £5 off my next bill as compensation. 3 needs to either improve Wuntu or just stick to what it’s good at; network coverage overseas and unlimited monthly data at fair prices with latest phones