New England Away kit on FIFA 17 via SBC update

Right now, everyone is talking about the surprise new England Away kit that has been revealed ahead of a friendly England Vs Germany match later this week.

At the same time, we can see that there is a lot of demand for EA to issue a new FIFA 17 update for the new England Away Kit to be added to Ultimate Team.

In the game currently, you can pick up the Home and Away England kits as shown as below, and we see no reason why EA wouldn’t update the game to put the new Blue kit into the game as long as there is enough demand for it.

There wouldn’t be any problems with the Nike sponsorship we feel as the two Nike kits are already in the game so it shouldn’t be an issue for EA to put an extra kit in during the next update.


An even better idea in our opinion, would be for EA to issue a new FIFA 17 England SBC this week in which everyone can enter and have the chance to win the new kit.

Some of the requirements for SBCs this season have been a bit ridiculous in terms of needing rare players, so hopefully if EA does decide to release the kit this week – everyone will be able to get it.

Do you like the new England Away kit and want to see it in FIFA 17 in the coming weeks? Tell EA below!



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