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Samsung Galaxy S8 release date in India frustration

One of the most anticipated devices this year is the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. While we know that the device will be out sometime in April, there is no information whatsoever on when the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be out in India.

The Galaxy series are incredibly popular to buy in the country and it may be very frustrating to continually see a lack of release information for India compared to say US, the UK and rest of Europe.

The latest we know is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be out on April 21, but this week there has been rumored that this may have been delayed a week with an official shop launch date of April 28 instead in Europe.


So where does this leave the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date in India? Consumers may have to wait until close to Summer to get their hands on the device officially, or consider the expensive option of importing.

With rumored Galaxy S8 specs such as a 5.8-inch Curved 4K Super AMOLED display with ultra thin bezel, 4-6 GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor it is no surprise that phone lovers in India are desperate to hear more.

If you are in India and waiting for release date and Galaxy S8 price information, let us know if you are frustrated with the silence when it comes to big phone launches in your country.



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