GTA Online car prices for Progen GP1, Turismo, Infernus classic

As we just informed you, a new GTA update is live and now players have a new super car to buy with the GTA V 1.22 update.

This is the new Progen GP1 and for those unable to play the game yet we have a quick heads-up on the new GTA Online car list from the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update.

If you head into GTA Online now you are now able to buy the Progen GP1 from Legendary Motor Sports.

Previous rumors suggested that the price would be $1,250,000 but we can confirm that the price is actually slightly more expensive at $1,260,000.


This update also put three more cars into the game code but you can’t buy them yet. These are the Turismo Classic, the Infernus Classic and the Hijak Ruston.

We are predicting that they will be available over the next three weeks, with one becoming available each week.

The prices for the Turismo Classic should be around $700,000, the Infernus Classic around $900,000 and the Hijak Ruston the cheapest of the bunch at around $400,000.

If you have already bought the Progen GP1, let us know what you think about it and if you think it is money well spent.



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