Battlefield 1 server maintenance times for March 14

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2017

Today is official update day for Battlefield 1 Premium members! Later today, the BF1 They Shall Not Pass DLC will be out, but before that there’s the little matter of Battlefield 1 server maintenance times for March 14 to tell you about.

This is a huge update (BF1 1.07 on PS4) and so it requires a base game update on all platforms – regardless if you have Premium or not.

This means BF1 multiplayer servers will be down for everyone, although when the servers will be offline depends on which platform you are playing.

For those on PS4: BF1 servers will be down starting from 10am UK time, which means 6am Eastern Time and 3am Pacific Time.

For those on Xbox One: BF1 servers will be down from 12pm UK time, which means 8am Eastern Time or 5am PST.

For those on PC: BF1 servers are going down first at 8am UK time, 1am Pacific Time or 4am Eastern Time.

BF1 servers should be back up two hours later, in accordance with the DLC release time schedule here.

Make sure you are aware of the maintenance times and let us know if the servers stay down longer than planned!

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