Persona 5 Metacritic reviews start perfect

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2017

The wait for Persona 5 is surely beginning to feel unbearable, with the release date not far away on April 4. Before that though, you’ll be very pleased to hear that the early Persona 5 Metacritic reviews that are coming in are already perfect.

With so much hype for the game, there was a danger that it may not live up to expectation. There’s no sign of that happening though it seems, as straight away Persona 5 has received a 100 score from the Official PlayStation Magazine.


That review went live a few days ago but since then, there has been another perfect score for the game awarded from Rice Digital.

We are expecting the influx of other reviews to flood in to the Persona 5 Metacritic page very soon, but at the moment it is looking very good for all those who have the game on pre-order.

April 4 is almost here, is your body ready? There’s talk that this could be one of the finest JRPGs ever made.

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