PS4 Notifications change back after 4.50 anger

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2017

We can see that most of you are loving Sony’s new PS4 4.50 update, which finally added external hard drive support via USB 3.0 devices, as well as custom wallpapers among other features.

At the same time though, the biggest problems with PS4 4.50 appear to be the new Notifications menu with many of you saying that you don’t like the way Sony has merged all of the tabs together into one unified page.

Specifically, the fact that you can no longer delete messages and invites is a very strange decision we have to say and we’re willing to bet that many of you are looking for improvements to this part of 4.50 in the next minor update.


You can see some of the reaction above, it looks pretty unanimous from where we are standing and unfortunately right now there is no method on how to change the PS4 notifications back after updating to firmware 4.50.

That means it is up to you the community to have your say on this. Are you also unhappy with how the notifications menu looks now? Let us know in the discussion section and send the message to Sony that something needs to be done.

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