Outlook Hotmail outage on March 7 with login down

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2017

We have a word of warning to all email users now, as it looks like there is a major Outlook or Hotmail outage today, as of 12pm UK time on March 7th 2017.

We were alerted to possible Hotmail problems today over on our outage page and since then we have been flooded with complaints coming in from users across the world – most of whom are asking why they can’t log into Hotmail today.


To repeat this appears to be a global Hotmail outage, with sign in down in the UK, US, Europe and other parts of the world.

So far, the Outlook Twitter page has said nothing about their entire operations being down so hopefully that changes within the next couple of hours.

For now, leave us a comment if your Hotmail is not working right now so we can see how widespread this is. Are you fed up with the silence whenever things go wrong?

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  • Dorlaina Dee Carter Fabiano

    I’m here because I couldn’t get into my email account, either. It’s been several hours, but it’s March
    8th not the 7th. It it just me now?!?

  • Di P.

    Down in Ontario Canada
    4:10 pm

  • Down in Los Angeles 🙁

  • Naomi Waring

    mine is down i London, not cool as self employed and have urgent work emails!

  • Nick

    Sign problems in Greece too! Am using stock mail app in iPhone 6S Plus. Solution for me was to delete stock mail app (you can do this on iOS 10.0 +) and re-install it!

  • Tan Yew Peng

    encounter sign-in problem in Singapore.

  • spockmckoy

    I can log in, but since the hijacking upgrade from an older Outlook, I have ZERO people in my contacts! I’m using Win 7, latest Firefox. Any ideas to get them back?

  • Denis

    Montréal Canada. Can’t sign in with my 2 hotmails account!!

  • Diyani

    I can’t log in either!! It tells me it doesn’t exist

  • Darren Evy

    Can’t log in through iPhone mail app but okay with Safari and Chrome ==……In taiwan with Malaysia hotmail account.

  • cheyenne neufeld

    Out here in Manitoba canada

  • Michael Bliesener

    Pensacola FL, can’t sign in

  • Liz

    Still down in London, Ontario CANADA as of 9:00 a.m. EST. Unable to login to hotmail accounts.

  • Amy Louise Jones

    Out in Australia

  • Nikki Mullen

    Orlando Fl same problem cant sign in

  • Inga Reyes

    Houston, Texas…. no hotmail. Phone keeps asking for a password. Website just refreshes when I put in my credentials. No luck! Help me!!

    • John McNamara

      Same identical problem here in London

  • Aanu Adeoye

    In Lagos, Nigeria. Can’t sign in.

  • Eric Machanic

    Austria, no hotmail

  • Kristina

    Hotmail is not working for me either… I tried logging in and it said error try again later 🙁 hope they fix it.

  • magné kylie

    in belgium no hotmail :'(

  • Annmarie

    Can’t log in to get any off my work! Best be up and running soon

  • Leila Marshall

    My hotmail is down because I can’t log can’t What the heck is going on here??? I need this email because it’s my main one. I keep getting error messages.

    • cheyenne neufeld

      Same here my hotmail account is my main email account for work

  • John Hall

    In Texas. Can’t log in to Hotmail

  • Nifle xible

    ya, not working, cant log into xbox nor steam and my onedrive…

  • Onedrive, office, windows, xbox, outlook, skype all down for me because can’t login! :/

  • Angela Jones

    Mine is down today as well. Waiting to hear back about an interview!

    • Leila Marshall

      Oh no!!! That is not good. Hope they can fix the issues soon

  • Julie Edwards

    Yep, mine is down this morning. Won’t let me login to my email account

  • Barry S

    This is ridiculous. Do they know it’s a major problem? Can’t access Xbox Live until they let me log in.

    • Nifle xible

      and this is why xbox and similar systems fail, cause of one issue and then you can’t use it. I despise this new “feature tech” with great anger. But most people don’t realize the issues untill they can’t use it LOl Welcome to the new B**SH*t thats headed down the sh*tter. I miss good old days.. Where things worked and didn’t rely on other services ><