Elder Scrolls Online 2.7.9 patch notes for PC, Mac

We know many of you have been very frustrated recently with constant Elder Scrolls Online server maintenance, but we have some good news at last with the news of the Elder Scrolls Online 2.7.9 patch now going live on PC and Mac.

As a result, we can point you in the direction to where you’ll be able to find the TESO 2.7.9 patch notes for PC and Mac – below is a summary revealing that Zenimax is bringing back Champion Points in Cyrodiil among other things.


If you like the sound of that summary, then you can check out the full patch notes with everything listed here. On a side note, the arrival of this patch should also mean that Elder Scrolls Online server maintenance on PS4 and Xbox One for March 3 should have ended as well.

PC and Mac players, are you happy with the new changes today? Let us know your thoughts below.



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