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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date for UK, US

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a big talking point now after it was recently unveiled at MWC 2017. Naturally, everyone wants to know when the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date is for UK and US markets and we have a quick reminder on when you can expect to buy one.

The Tab S3 is obviously the successor to the S2 meaning that Samsung has a lot to live up to if they are going to convince existing S2 owners to upgrade.

The big difference for the Galaxy Tab S3 vs the S2 is that it has a Super AMOLED display and it also supports HDR content along with 4K video at 60FPS making it a media powerhouse.


So far, Samsung has only confirmed availability for Europe and it will be launching on March 31 in the UK. More importantly, you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on March 17 and prices are expected to be available from £399.

We still have to wait for official details on the Galaxy Tab S3 US release date but we imagine that it will be out sometime in the Summer and for a price of around $499 – we will update this article once we have clearer details from Samsung.

Are you planning to buy the Galay Tab S3? You can check out a hands-on Galaxy Tab S3 review video below for a much closer look at the device and its specs.



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