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Pokemon Go Celebi location mystery

Gen 2 creatures are now running wild in Pokemon Go after the massive update recently, but as usual there are quite a few missing Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go and one of these is Celebi, entry number 251 on the Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokedex.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Go Celebi release date and location reminds a mystery at this point as developers Niantic have once again given no information out whatever on how to get Celebi in Pokemon Go or an initial clue on when the event might be coming to unlock the psychic and grass type.


Don’t forget that this is a pattern that has carried over from Gen 1 as we are still no closer to finding out when the Legendary birds are coming, also the likes of Mewtwo and Mew too don’t forget.

This Gen 2 update was obviously amazing and put a lot of fresh life into the game, but at the same time is it starting to get a little frustrating that there is always zero information on events and the missing Pokemon?

Let us know if you are waiting for information on how to catch Celebi in Pokemon Go? Leave a comment to show Niantic the level of demand!

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