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Ed Sheeran’s Divide Spotify release time at midnight

For the music streaming lovers out there, we are gearing up towards a massive release on Spotify, with everyone desperate to find out what time Ed Sheeran’s Divide album is released on Spotify.

The good news is that we can give you a heads-up on what time Divide is out as Spotify has been known to release new albums at midnight on Friday.

Divide releases globally on Friday March 3 and if you are planning to stream the album on Spotify you should start looking from midnight onwards.

You may not be aware, but Ed Sheeran’s track listing for Divide has already gone live early on Spotifiy as you can see with our embedded widget below.

There is going to be a total of 16 songs and a running time of 59 minutes for the album from start to finish, so you can start listing directly below as soon as those tracks unlock.

Are you excited about this? Don’t forget you can use Spotify’s app on iOS and Android too to shuffle play through Divide, but the desktop or TV apps is where you will be able to enjoy the album in full without hassle.

Will you be refreshing Spotify at midnight tonight to wait for the album?



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