BT Landline price cut ordered by Ofcom for 2017

There has been some breakthrough news for BT customers now, with regulator Ofcom ruling that BT must reduce its landline monthly prices for those customers that are only taking a landline contract with the company.

It is no secret that BT owns the lion’s share of the landline market and with customers currently having to pay £18.99, it has become a big problem for those that argue the landline is hardly used but still forced upon as a requirement when taking out a broadband package.

For those that solely use a BT landline though with another company’s services, things are going to get easier for you. Ofcom has stated that customers will a minimum of £5 off their landline bill each month, resulting in paying no more than £13.99 once the changes are in force.


This could pave the way for similar action to be taken in future for those that feel trapped into having a BT landline that they never use, but for now this is great news for landline only customers.

Are you a customer who only uses BT for their landline but have been frustrated over the £18.99 costs each month? If so get in touch with us below with your thoughts on this decision by Ofcom.



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