Amazon Prime Instant Video error code 1066, 5266 problems

We have a warning to all Amazon Prime customers now, as it looks like there are serious problems with Amazon Video not working on PS4 devices and also certain Samsung and LG TV models.

We are aware of an ongoing Level 3 internet outage which may be contributing to the problems with Amazon Video on February 28, 2017 but specifically we are seeing several Amazon Video error codes such as 1066 and 5266 which is causing users a lot of frustration.


It could also be spreading to other devices too such as Xbox One, with many of you complaining that every time you try to log into Amazon Video you keep getting the ‘Internet Connectivity’ error messages pop up.

If you are getting error messages such as the ones highlighted above, it is usually an indication that Amazon AWS S3 severs are down.

You can check Amazon S3 server status here on Twitter, but leave us a comment below if you are getting the same error codes – what device are you using?



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