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Pokemon Go Tyranitar location hunt with amazing stats

We are happy to confirm that the big Johto Pokemon Go update is now rolling out to some regions. Now, we look ahead to some of the new rare Pokemon that is available to catch, with Niantic confiming that there is over 80 new species to discover.

One of these should be Tyranitar, a Pokemon who many believe could become the new Dragonite in terms of finding one and also strength due to some crazy base stats.

With that in mind, we’ve set up this page so you can come and leave your feedback on the new Pokemon Go Tyranitar location hunt.


Everyone is going to be wondering how to get Tyranitar in Pokemon Go and we can’t wait until we see confirmation of the first person to find one with proof.

Tyranitar Base stats:

According to early game code, Tyranitar the Rock and Dark type is thought to have 200 Stamina, 266 Attack, 285 Defense and a Max CP of 4457 which is comparable to Mewtwo – making Tyranitar extremely promising.

We’ll update this article when we have confirmed sighting of where to find Tyranitar in Pokemon Go. Leave a comment if you have seen one yourself or know of a particular hotspot for others to start looking!



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