Ili Translator release date to buy in 2017

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2017

Gadget lovers are getting very excited as they wait for new information on the intriguing Ili wearable translator which is set to go on sale in 2017.

This device is unique in the fact that it has the ability to instantly translate around 5,000 phases without the need for an internet connection.

This means you can use it practically anywhere and how the Ili translator works is directly through your voice – simply talk into it and you’ll get a translation back.


At the moment, the supported languages are English, Japanese and Chinese. However as you can see below, the next step is to add Ili translation support for Korean, Thai and Spanish – we also know that French is in the pipeline as well!


When is the Ili translator release date: So far there are no exact dates, but we do know that it will be out in June 2017. Right now you can register on Logbar’s (the Japanese developer) website, to leave your details and be notified upon release.

What is the Ili translator price: The initial price that we have heard is that it will cost around £160 or $150 to buy one. We hope that once popularity picks up we will also see the Ili translator available to buy at places at Amazon to make it much easier to grab hold of one.

ili, the wearable translator

It has incredible potential and we really hope that this is as good as all of the promo videos we have been seeing so far this year. Just imagine a scenario where you visit the likes of Japan and are now able to go anywhere you want in the country without needing to hire a tour guide, instead relying solely on Ili which you can wear around your neck.

Are you interested in this little gadget and want to buy one? Let us know your interest below and we’ll tell you when we see it available for sale.

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  • Uche Mick Chinonso

    I am in desperate need of this little gadget but it is to be shipped only to the US for now. However I did hear this was on sale in Harajuku, so I could buy this there.

  • Lu

    Hello, I would be interested, can this also czech language? what would it cost ? Thank you for your response

  • Julio Flores

    Where and when can i buy one, ili Wearable translator?

  • alvin roque

    im interesting buy Ili Wearable Translator but how to purchase that product im leaving here in the philippines?

  • Carson Wells

    I am also interested to know if ili is a two-way translator. Also I’d like to know if I buy one will I be able to update it with additional languages as they become available without repurchasing the device and how will that work (notification? app? connectivity?)

  • R.I.P R.I.P

    I’m after knowing, can anyone give more details on the actual communication process..
    Does the one ili translate both for example; from English>Chinese and also Chinese>English.
    All the promotions I have seen only show a one way translation process… Japanese>English.
    It may sound a silly question but I haven’t seen anything anywhere which confirms this..
    Or would you need 2 ili’s.