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Marvel Future Fight Valentine’s Day 2017 free prizes

Attention all Marvel Future Fight players now, as we have confirmation that there will be a special new event for Valentine’s Day.

It starts a day early and allows players to obtain some free prizes, some of which are very rare if you are lucky enough. Netmarble has confirmed that the Future Fight Valentine’s Day 2017 event is a gift box which will appear in your inbox every four hours.


The contents are included above and as you can see, you have the chance to win rank up tickets and also a T2 ticket if luck is on your side.

In reality, you will probably only get some worthless consumables, but hey free is free so most of you will still be pleased.

The event starts at 02/13 15:00 ~ 02/19 15:00 so this should happen at the next daily reset whenever that is in your local time zone.

Have you ever received anything nice from these chests? Let us know what you get below!



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