Destiny 2 PC release date vs PS4 Pro , Xbox One S

There are again a lot of rumors this week suggesting that a Destiny 2 PC release date is going to be a reality in 2017. At the same time though, growing concerns that a PC release may result in the console versions taking longer to come out.

It’s not the first time that we have heard about Destiny 2 possibly getting a PC release and after some recent comments in an Activision investor call, Destiny 2 may be set to hit all platforms.

This is due to Activision’s desire for Destiny to access a ‘global reach’ and to hit markets such as China and Russia. To do that though, a PC release may be needed and we have seen how successful and financially smart this could be when you look at the GTA series for example.


What would this mean for PS4 Pro and Xbox One S owners though who want to see Destiny 2 arrive as soon as possible? At the moment, we know the game is coming out in 2017 but we don’t have a date and there hasn’t been a trailer yet.

Perhaps a Destiny 2 trailer will be shown at GamesCom as E3 may end up being a little late if the game is releasing this year.

What are your thoughts on the PC rumors if you have been playing Destiny on console for over a year. Do you see it as a good thing if more players can access the game, perhaps even with cross platform servers or would a PC release ultimately hold back console development?

Give us your thoughts on this one below.



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