Legoland £10 tickets with The Times codes

We’ve spotted another little bargain for those of you who are planning a trip to Legoland Windsor in the coming months with the family.

Thanks to a new promotion from the The Times and the Sunday Times you can get yourself two Legoland tickets for just £10 with codes contained in four copies of the newspaper.

A copy costs £2.50 and the first code will be available on Sunday February 12 in the Sunday Times. Once you have four codes totalling £10 you will then be able to redeem for two tickets.

Considering that a single ticket would usually cost between £30 to £45 this is a fantastic chance to save a little money.


Unfortunately, The Times has not yet revealed the Legoland £10 tickets expiry date so we are waiting to gather this information.

There is also a chance that the codes may be generic meaning that everyone can use them. If so, we will post all four codes here so keep checking back until February 22 when all four codes will be available.

Are you interested in this offer? Let us know below if you have any additional information to share.



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