AOL Mail not working with 504 Gateway Timeout error

AOL Mail is one of the longest running mail providers in the US, with millions of users still staying loyal to the company and deciding to keep their AOL Mail account as opposed to switching to another provider.

Right now though, we can see that the company are having big problems with AOL Mail down on February 9, 2017 at the time of writing with what appears to be a global AOL Mail ‘504 Gateway Timeout’ error everytime you try to login to fetch your mail.

Users in the US have woken up to this reality this morning as you can see from the live feedback we recorded on Twitter:


The good news at least is that AOL are already aware of the problems and are working hard to try and get AOL Mail back up as soon as possible today – see their latest Tweet below.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our AOL Mail status checker page and let us know when you are able to sign in again.

Is AOL Mail currently down for you or are you unaffected by this?



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