Fallout Shelter Xbox One countdown to download

We have a fantastic reminder for Xbox gamers now that we just have hours to go until the highly anticipated release of Fallout Shelter on Xbox One.

For those asking when you can download Fallout Shelter on Xbox One, it is going live on Tuesday February 7 as a ‘Play Anywhere’ title.

What this means is that you can also play Fallout Shelter on Windows 10 devices which is great as it will seamlessly save progress between platforms allowing you to pick up and play without worrying about losing progress.


Unfortunately Microsoft has not revealed what time Fallout Shelter is out on Xbox One on Tuesday so you may have to wait until the store updates generally as it does each week.

Either way, we don’t have long to wait so give us your reaction to this. Fallout Shelter will be a free download so will you put some hours into it?



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