The Last Guardian PS4 price drop shock after release

The Last Guardian only launched back in December but already we can see that the price of the game dropped to over half its launch price.

We’re very surprised to see it happen so soon as The Last Guardian received very favorable reviews and we didn’t think the price would fall to what it has.

Now you can pick up the game for $40 in the US and just £22.85 in the UK. Once again, the best Last Guardian price comes from Shop To as you can buy the game here right now with free delivery for the price above.


Just to remind you, this is a game was originally announced back in 2009 and scheduled to release on PS3 in 2011. Numerous delays followed and now it is finally available after so many years of waiting with next to no information.

The reviews over at Metacritic include some perfect reviews so this is a game that is definitely worth your effort and at just over £20 it’s an absolute steal.

Are you surprised to see Last Guardian drop in price so soon after launch?



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