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Pokemon Go Gen 2 for Valentine’s Day event

We are counting down to the next major Pokemon Go event with many players expecting Niantic to drop a big surprise with a Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day 2017 event.

Of course, the big focus is on when new Pokemon Go Gen 2 creatures are coming and speculation is brewing via online forums that Valentine’s Day could be when we get something new in the game.

So far there has not been any concrete information to suggest that this will definitely happen, but it would make absolute sense for Niantic to give players something in the game and many believe that double candy drops is most likely to happen.

There’s some debate that the delay for new Gen 2 Pokemon is due to Pokemon Duel and The Pokemon Company’s intention to push this game more as a priority.


There’s also whispers that Valentine’s Day could introduce breeding to Pokemon Go. Either way, if an event is coming we don’t have long to find out.

We’ll update you here as soon as possible once we have official details, but leave a comment below telling us what you would love to see for Valentine’s Day.

Would you be happy with double candy and if new Gen 2 Pokemon are coming, who do you want?



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