COD IW Sabotage DLC 1 download with file size danger

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2017

We have already told you what time Sabotage is out on Tuesday January 31, but now we have confirmation that you can download the Sabotage DLC 1 map pack early from the PlayStation Store.

The reason for this becomes clear though, when we tell you that the Sabotage file size is over 8GB. Imagine the chaos that it would cause for all Infinite Warfare players downloading an 8GB file all at the same time – around the world.

Activision and Sony probably want to avoid this scenario which is why you can go and grab the download now if you have the Season Pass active – it should be in the ‘add ons’ section of Infinite Warfare on the store.


The official store listing states that Sabotage is 7.8GB, but as you can see from the screenshot above others are actually seeing larger file sizes of 8.4GB.

With that said, we advise all Season Pass owners to make sure they have enough space before attempting to download the Sabotage file to avoid running into problems.

Go on the store now as it should be available to download, ensuring that you can play as soon as the maps go live at this time in your region!

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