Be Food Smart app scan not working with reset, close issue

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2017

There is a new app surging up the UK charts which keen shoppers with one eye on a healthy diet appear to have fallen in love with. This is the Be Food Smart app by Change4Life but we have seen that it has not been a smooth launch period for the app and its developers.

The Be Food Smart app aims to help you and your family make healthier food and drink choices by scanning the barcode of your food and drink to find out what’s inside during your weekly shop.

The app uses an extensive database to provide instant results and once you have scanned an item, you will get information back telling you if the product is safe to eat or drink, or if holds warning signs.


While some have initially praised the app for helping to change diets, the bigger problem with the Be Food Smart app is that consumers have found out by trial and error that not all items scanned will provide results.

Users are complaining that after a full shop of around 100 items only a small amount have actually yielded results prompting them to call it useless.

Another big problem is that recent updates to Be Food Smart has actually reset data which is obviously a complete waste of time for those who have decided to be brave and prod their phones into each and every product in the supermarket drawing attention from interested onlookers.

Finally, we have also seen from our own experience that when the Be Food Smart app doesn’t scan, it then doesn’t close leading to a force close as the only option in getting functionality back to your phone.

We are waiting for a statement from the developers with explanations on the bumpy launch, but we’d love for you to get in touch below if you have experienced any of the problems mentioned above yourself.

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