Pokemon Duel Text not Found error fix

By Alan Ng - Jan 26, 2017

Pokemon Duel has just launhced in the US, UK and other parts of Europe and naturally everyone is racing to download it at the same time which can sometimes be a bad thing in terms of server connections.

Since launch we can see that from our own experience, there appears to be one nasty bug in the game which involves the player seeing a Pokemon Duel ‘ Text not Found’ error.

We alluded to this fact over on our main Pokemon Duel server outage page, but now we have some further information for you.

The full message that some of you may see is Pokemon Duel “Text not found:UiMaster.AlertDialogMsg.101”. You will need to know that this is a problem server side with the game and nothing to do with your version of the app.


You may see this error when Pokemon Duel servers are down for maintenance and actually it is just a visual way of stating that the game is on maintenance.

Obviously the developers need to do a better job in letting players know about this and we’re sure they will once the initial launch frenzy is over.

We have seen some of you reinstalling because of this error know thinking it may be corrupt but actually the key Pokemon Duel Text not Found error fix is to just keep trying until maintenance is over.

Let us know if you keep seeing this and if our simple information helped you out. At least you know now!

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