Yahoo Mail outage takes BT Email login down on Jan 24

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2017

We have a word of warning now as it appears that a serious Yahoo Mail outage on January 24 is currently in place. There was no prior news of maintenance from Yahoo and we can confirm that it has also been carried across to BT Email users via Yahoo as well since that service is down too.

Confirmation of both Yahoo Mail and BT Email logins not working today can be seen on our outage trackers here and here.

Meanwhile, there’s live feedback from Yahoo users here who have woken up to find that they cannot access Yahoo at all when trying to login this morning from the US.


In the UK, it is a similar case with thousands of BT Email users who are complaining that they cannot log into their website so obviously both services have been hit at the same time.


We hope that it is just a technical problem and nothing by way of an attempted hack or attack on Yahoo Mail services. Keep checking the status outage pages above for updates and let us know if service is still down for right now.

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