FFXV Moogle doll locations for Brothers Kupomazov quest

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2017

We have more coverage on the Carnival DLC event that has just gone live in Final Fantasy XV. This time, we are focusing on the Brothers Kupomazov quest with information on how to find all FFXV Moogle doll locations.

You’ll need to find 6 moogle dolls for the FFXV Carnival, which will award you with medeals that you can redeem towards a fireworks show.

Finding all of them can be tricky though and we’re willing to bet that many of you will have problems trying to find the Third Moogle doll on the Brothers Kupomazov quest in FFXV as it seems to be moving around at different places.


Fear not though as for those that just want an easy ride, here are all of the locations to find the Moogle dolls in Altissia – just get a good photo of them to activate the quest completion!

Eldest: On top of the Square-Enix cafe

Second: At the statue towards the back of Altissia

Third: Go to the bridge and photograph the moving boats

Fourth: On top of the street light

Fifth: Inside the arena on top of the pillar

Sixth: Inside a window on the tower bridge

That’s it, we’ve also got a video below showing the locations for those that need a little further help. Let us know if our information helped you and if you are loving the carnival so far!

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